Why Is Dessert Important After Eating Food?

  • We all wish that we could be one of those health-nut people who never crave a sweet during the day and could be completely satisfied with eating fruit instead. But for most of us, this is difficult. Many of us love sweets and indulge in sweets. It can brighten our day, and make mealtime a bit more enjoyable. However, sugar is not the healthiest thing for us or our waistlines.

  • Many of us try to limit our consumption of sugary sweets to help minimize any harm that our sweet tooth might bring us. This means that we should avoid eating sweets and desserts in Oakville every time we crave them, and we might start limiting ourselves to one dessert per day, and only eat some fruit or flavoured seltzer when we have cravings.

  • Now, you might also be wondering when is the best time to eat dessert. Would it be healthier to eat sweets after lunch, since you will have time to work off any extra calories before you go to sleep at night? Or will it be better to have it after dinner, to reduce any chances that you might overindulge if there’s too much time left during the day?

  • The experts say that after lunch is the best time to eat dessert. If you indulge in the afternoon, you have a bit of time to burn off the calories during the rest of the day. You should try and eat dessert an hour after you eat your lunch.

  • If you eat it right after finishing your meal, you could get bloated and feel uncomfortable. However, you also do not want to eat sweets on an empty stomach since your body will absorb them much quicker, and it can lead to a bigger blood sugar spike and a bigger sugar crash later.

  • Experts agree that a post-meal is the best time to enjoy dessert. When you eat dessert after a balanced meal then you can benefit from the nutrients in the meal to stabilize your blood sugar from the sweets. It is also better to eat it after a meal from a psychological standpoint. When you eat dessert after your meal, it signals to your body a feeling of doneness so that this is less likely to trigger you into mindless snacking.

  • Another way that you can have your dessert and enjoy it without negatively impacting your well-being is to get moving after you eat it. Even if that is just going for a ten-minute walk. You should be drinking plenty of water before and while eating your dessert to help prevent you from overindulging. Also, try your best to stick to a single portion.

  • You can also try following a social sweets rule where instead of eating dessert in Oakville at home or at your desk, you only indulge in it if you are out with your friends or co-workers. Eating cake at home can make you feel guilty and overindulgent, and this same cake in Oakville can feel more fun and celebratory when shared with others.

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